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When to use electric rivet guns rather than pneumatic ones?

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When to use electric rivet guns rather than pneumatic ones?

When to use electric rivet guns rather than pneumatic ones?

Pneumatic rivet guns have their innumerable advantages over manual riveters, but they aren’t perfectly suited for every application, and the pneumatic tool presents some drawbacks, including:

Limited range: Air rivet guns will only go as far as their air hoses will take them, so in some hard-to-reach areas, you might need a manual or cordless riveter instead. And for some types of remote work, access to a compressor simply isn’t an option.

Tricky repairs: Fixing an air rivet gun is not simple or inexpensive. Usually, an experienced technician must be hired to make any repairs to your equipment. Simple maintenance measures, such as oiling the tool and tightening fasteners, go a long way toward keeping your rivet gun in working order.

The compressor: Ensuring the compressor you use is at the right pressure setting is imperative for correct rivet gun operation. Also, you must maintain the compressor and keep the air hose oiled.

To solve the limitations of pneumatic rivet guns, electric rivet guns appear.


Unlike pneumatic rivet guns that require a hose and compressor, electric rivet guns just need power supply. Especially, cordless rivet guns can be used anywhere—no hoses or power cords are needed. They can be used on a construction site, for field repairs or repairs in the shop, and in a factory for applications such as aircraft manufacturing. Anywhere you need a riveting tool, chances are that a cordless rivet gun can do the job.

Easy to operate

Handheld rivet guns have an ergonomic design that makes them easy to operate, even in tight places. With a portable rivet tool that is both lightweight and powerful, you can use it all day long, especially if you have extra battery packs. Operator fatigue is less of an issue than with heavier pneumatic tools.

Highly versatile

When you match the rivet tool to the job, ensuring you have the right amount of torque, you can use it with different types of rivets and lockbolts, including blind rivets as well as tubular, solid, split, and drive rivets. For example, cordless rivet guns are ideal for Huck bolts, which have become popular for a wide range of applications. The nosepiece of a cordless rivet gun is easy to change, so you can use one gun for multiple tasks.

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